Heavy Metal MP3 Real Audio and Video of Progressive Power Metal! Rolen is 100% "In you face metal!"

Rolen is a progressive, heavy, power metal band. FREE MP3, real audio downloads available


Welcome to Rolen.com. FREE Heavy Metal MP3 and Real Audio downloads - full version of songs. Like the top line says: "In your face metal". That's what you want, that's what we do and that is what you will get on this site... pure, 100% heavy kick ass metal!

Some call us Heavy. Some call us Progressive (prog) or Power Metal. Others say we hearken back to the days of Big Hair Metal while others throw us in with bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dio Man-O-War and Judus Priest just to name a few. We have even had a couple of songs fall into the gothic vein of metal. The truth is, we are all of the above and more. However you wish to describe our style of metal is ok with us. What ever the tag line, there is one mighty word that is ALWAYS attached to that description: METAL! So, to hell with titles and descriptions! Just turn your speakers up loud and check out the tunes page. All songs are available in both MP3 and Real Audio.

All songs available for download on this site are FULL VERSIONS! We welcome you to download and keep these songs and we also give you our full approval to post our songs wherever you like so others may enjoy some FREE Metal! Even if you buy the album(s), (which we are confident you will after checking out a clip or two) you may rip it/them into what ever format you like (MP3, Real Audio, Windows Media... we could care less) and post the whole album(s) wherever you like as well! Try getting that out of today's primadonas!

So… what are you doing still reading this? Go to the tunes page and grab an ear full of Rolen's FREE mp3's or Real Audio with In Your Face, Progressive, Power, Goth, Headbanging, Big Hair, Short Hair, No Hair, Low End - Colon shaking HEAVY METAL!!

Heavy Metal MP3 Real Audio and Video of Progressive Power Metal!

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