Heavy Metal MP3 Real Audio and Video of Progressive Power Metal! Rolen is 100% in your face metal!

Next to the music of course, this is the pride and joy of the ROLEN site. This portal has EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a community! Not to mention that it is all FREE!!

Here are just a very few of the cool things the RC (Rolen Community) has:

Rolen Radio - ROLEN of course, but mostly tons of other bands!
Weather - World wide weather reports. NOT a weather chanel link!
Chat Rooms - ROLEN chat rooms! Private chat, avatars, the works!
Private office - Your own office! Calendar, agenda, journal, etc.
Fresh looks - You can choose your own look for the Community.
FREE E-mail account - Sign up for your own yourname@rolen.com!
Games - Play tons of FREE games online!
News - 24/7/365 instant live news from hundreds of sources.
Bulletin Boards - So ya got somethin to say? Say it on the boards!

That's only a VERY SMALL taste of what you get...FREE!

The community is undergoing a BIG rennovation!
Check back again soon.

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